Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kids Clothes Week & Perfect Pattern Parcel

Spring has finally sprung here in coastal Virginia, time to bust out the short sleeved shirts and shorts! Since there isn't a whole lot left over from last year that fits I have been back behind the sewing machine, just in time for Kids Clothes Week.:) 

All the clothes in this post were made using Parcel #2 from Perfect Pattern Parcel.  (I was invited to blog about Perfect Pattern Parcel and given the patterns for free.)  I chose to sew the Celestial Tee by Figgy's, Hosh Pants by LouBee Clothing, and Prefontaine Shorts by Made with Moxie (bonus pattern). 

Pattern Parcel #2
patterns(s):  Celestial Tee / Hosh Pants
size(s):  6/7 with an extra inch in length / 6
fabric(s):  Paris Green knit from Girl Charlee / pink cotton/lycra twill
mods:  added an inch in length to the tee using the shorten/lengthen line on pattern / cut off the pants to shorts length and didn't hem the shorts

Pattern Parcel #2

I love the slim fit and the flat front waistband of the Hosh Pants.  MG typically wears a 7 slim in ready-t0-wear pants and still has a bit of grow room in the size 6 Hosh Pants.   I'm hoping that Sarah will size the pattern up so that BK can have a pair.;)

Pattern Parcel #2
Instead of hemming the shorts, I sewed a line of stitching approximately 5/8" from the unfinished edge.  The fabric will gently fray (more) over time and leave a nice little white fringe. 
pattern parcel #2
size(s):  6/7 with added length / 5 (7/8 kid size)
fabric(s):  Royal Purple knit from Girl Charlee / stripes from IKEA
mods:  added 1 1/2" length to tee / stitched the outside seam of the shorts instead of overlapping
Pattern Parcel #2
The Celestial Tee has quickly become a favorite of mine.  I love the pleats at the neckline and the high/low hem.  It's a quick sew too.  It took me only 45 minutes to sew the purple one. 
Pattern Parcel #2
The shorts were a gamble for me.  I dug through my stash of bottom weights and wasn't feeling too inspired by navy, khaki, and olive green.  At the very bottom of the tote was this striped fabric.  Do I dare?  Yes, of course!
Pattern Parcel #2
I went all out with the stripes and turned them horizontal for the pockets, opting for black and white in the front.  I also used narrow white bias tape to finish the pocket openings and the hems.  I didn't want to take away from the impact of the bold striped fabric. 
Pattern Parcel #2
Per the pattern instructions, you overlap the front of the shorts over the back approx. 1/2" and stitch the layers together.  I didn't want to break up the stripes on the side with the bias binding so I stitched the outer side seams right sides together.  I was concerned that the stripes would be a bit over the top but I love the final look of the shorts.

Parcel #2 patterns and designers are:
Hanami Top or Dress by Straight Grain
Hosh Pants by LoubeeClothing
Celestial Tee by Figgy’s
September Tunic & Dress by Too Sweets Patterns Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations
BONUS pattern: Prefontaine Shorts by Made With Moxie

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

I have been sewing....

Well, hello there!  It's been awhile since I've posted but never fear, I'm back.  While I was gone we spent a week in Florida (a much needed respite!), visited with family, outdoor track & field and indoor flag football seasons started, and we celebrated the first birthday of the 2014 birthday season.

One of MG's birthday present requests was for a pair of jeggings.   Luckily, I had just enough jegging fabric left over from a few years ago to sew one more pair. 
pattern:  Ottobre Design 04/2011, #20
fabric:  knit denim fabric from Jo-ann Fabrics
size:  122
mods:  added 4 inches of length
Her other request was a jean jacket like her big sister's.  Yes, I could have sewn one but instead I picked up a like new one at the thrift store right before we left for vacation.  I had grand plans on sewing the little girls all kinds of summer clothes for Florida.  But as so often happens, time got away from me and there was no way I could do that (and sleep too).  The girls are so rough on their warm weather clothes that I hate to pay full price at the store.  And right before we left, any warm weather clothes in the stores were not on sale.  A morning spent at the thrift store netted the girls several pairs of shorts and tops to supplement what clothes still fit from last summer.
I did manage to sew one new top for each of the little girls to wear while we were on vcation. (BK is sick today so no pictures of her top yet.)
pattern:  Ottobre Design 03/2012 #25 "Hopscotch Tunic"
size:  122
fabric:  large scraps from my stash left over from other projects
This pattern was not a good choice to try and make when I should have been packing.  My hurried attempt didn't produce very nice results.  In particular, the gathering of the sleeves and woven skirt section with clear elastic were horrible!  Once we got home, I chopped off the skirt section and unpicked the sleeves to fix it.  I ended up gathering the old fashioned way (basting stitches) and am much happier with how the top looks.  It's still not perfect but I don't cringe every time I see it.;)
"Hopscotch Tunic"
One other sewing project that I finished over a month ago is another button down shirt for K.  This time in a plaid shirting...
pattern:  Ottobre Design Women 05/2012 #7 "Gardener Cotton Shirt Blouse"
size:  34
fabric:  cotton plaid shirting from Fabric Mart Fabrics
"Gardener Cotton Shirt Blouse"
 This shirting fabric was bought for my son but when it arrived the cornflower blue was a little more purple-y than P would have liked.  K's high school colors are purple and gold and she had been wanting a plaid button down shirt so the fabric didn't go to waste.  I used a yellow, subtle floral for the inside collar stand and inner plackets.  
"Gardener Cotton Shirt Blouse"
Since I'm in a confessing mood, K hasn't worn this shirt at all.  I used a heavier weight interfacing for the plackets and collar and she doesn't like how stiff the button placket in particular is.  Maybe a few turns through the washer and dryer will help?  It's a shame as the chambray shirt gets worn pretty much every time it's clean.
I'm looking forward to sewing sun dresses, shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops as the weather slo-o-o-owly starts to warm up.  It's officially spring after all...even if it doesn't feel like it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Terrific Trifecta Top!

Amanda at Kitschy Coo has been at it again.  Her newest pattern was released today...the Trifecta Top!

Trifecta Top
Straight from the pattern's description (since Amanda sums it up way better than I ever could!)....
"The Trifecta Top is a versatile wardrobe builder with loads of customisation options! There are three necklines (high scoop, low scoop, and scooped V-neck), three sleeve lengths with hem or band finishes (cap with hem or band, elbow length hem or band, long sleeve hem or band), and two shirt lengths (a hit-at-the-hip hem length and a marginally longer waistband length). Fitted through the bust, there is gentle side seam shaping through the high waist before skimming through the hips. Scrap hoarders will be delighted that there are also options for a tiny pocket, contrasting shoulder insets, and a centred triangle inset to showcase those small scraps you can’t bear to part with. With easy to sew raglan sleeves this top is a perfect introduction to sewing for yourself and testing the sewing-with-knits waters; a super fast sew and straightforward to fit. More experienced sewers will enjoy the myriad customisation options and more challenging insets and V-neck. Colour-block the sleeves and body for a sporty baseball style, utilise the inset neckline triangle for a retro sweatshirt look, or throw something fancy into the shoulder insets for dress up occasions! There are eight sizes included in the pattern, ranging from a 30” to 44” high bust, and a 24” to 38” high waist."
Trifecta Top
K's top is a size 1 with long sleeves, a low scoop, and hemmed.  Mine is a size 3 graded out to a 4 from under the bust down with long sleeves, a low scoop neckline, and hemmed also.  I used a hefty white cotton/lycra knit for the main part of both tops and lighter weight cotton/lycra jersey for the contrast sleeves.
I can't wait to try some of the other looks.  I think a short sleeved, scooped v-neck top would be perfect for the warmer weather that I'm sure is on it's way.  You hear that winter??  It's time for you to take your cold temps with wintry precipitation and hit the road!

PS  Thanks for all the encouraging comments regarding the 5k.  They really boosted my morale!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shirt, Pants, 5k

It's wrestling season again!  P needed some new ties and button down shirts as everything from last year was too small.  He has definitely outgrown the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern so I gave a new pattern a try.

Kwik Sew 2974
doesn't he look thrilled?;)
pattern:  Kwik Sew 2974
size:  14 with extra length
fabric:  cotton plaid
mods:  added an inch in length for the body and sleeves
Overall, I was happy with the Kwik Sew pattern.  The fit is good on P.  My only complaint is how high the shirt tail hem comes up on the sides.  The tie is the grown up version of what I made last year. (Purl Bee Father's Day Tie)

One thing I need to work on if I'm going to keep sewing plaid shirts is the placement of the plaid.  I get so wrapped up in matching it on the side seams and front that I forget about balancing the pattern of the plaid on the front panels and the back.  Next time, right?

"uncomplicated" leggings

pattern:  "Uncomplicated" leggings, Ottobre Design 04/13 #15
size:  116
fabric:  Charcoal gray cotton/lycra from Girl Charlee
mods:  took a little of the width out from the hips

MG is doing Girls on the Run through her school and wanted some leggings to wear for running when it's cold.  I had grabbed the Fall 2013 issue (thinking there was a traditional leggings pattern in it) to take to my parents' house for a spot of sewing.  There was one but the smallest size was a 128...too big for my tiny MG.  So, I gave a new silhouette a try.  There's no center front/back seam in these leggings.  When she first tried them on they were pretty loose through the hips and had some funny bagging in the crotch.  Taking in the side seams a bit through the hips eliminated the issue. 

If you're not familiar with Girls on the Run here's a little blurb from their website....
"Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd-8th grade. We teach life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness."

For the "celebratory 5k running event" each girl has a running buddy.  I figured that K could do it with MG, after all she's my runner.  Come to find out that the running buddy has to be over 16 years of age.  That left me.  Time to dust off the ol' running shoes!

Once upon a time I did (kind of) run--before I got pregnant with MG and the summer after I had BK.  But it never stuck.  And truth be told, I'm probably in my worst shape ever.  There's no way I'm letting MG down though! I've downloaded the C25k (couch to 5k) app on my phone and I'm working my way through the program.  I completed the week 2: day 2 workout this afternoon.  The 5k is May 10th.  

"uncomplicated" leggings

 I'm discovering that when you have a goal (the 5k race) it makes you a lot more motivated to get out there and run.  I only hope I can keep up with MG!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Classic Pattern

One of my all time favorite sewing patterns is the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress. But it's been a few years since I last sewed one. A few weeks ago, Christine posted on Instagram asking for help choosing fabric combinations for a Jump Rope Dress. Around that time, I had been trying to decide on a pattern for a new long sleeve dress for BK. Why not the Jump Rope?
Jump Rope Dress

pattern:  Oliver + S Jump Rope dress, view B
size:  7 with 8 length
fabric:  cotton/lycra poplin from Fabric Mart Fabrics and a small floral quilting cotton print from Joann Fabrics
mods:  finished the sleeve hems with bias binding, lengthened dress

Jump Rope Dress

When asked what color dress she wanted, BK requested purple.  So I pulled all the solid purple fabric I had in my stash (not much, it was this and a darker shot cotton) and she chose this one.  Digging through my scraps, I found just enough of this small floral print to eek out the placket and bias strips.  I chose to finish the sleeve hems with the floral print so that the dress had longer sleeves.  It always seems like my kids outgrow the sleeves before anything else!
Jump Rope Dress

BK paired the dress with an In Threes cardigan for church on Sunday.  Since the turquoise cardigan was such a hit, my mom knitted another one for her.

Now I owe MG a new outfit for church.  She has picked fabrics and I think I'm going to use the Clever Charlotte Orchid minus the bow on the top.  I'll get to it soon... 


Friday, February 14, 2014

Hopscotch in Hearts

Seeing as BK already had a heart shirt to wear to school on Valentine's Day, I had to make one for MG.


Heart Hopscotch

pattern:  Oliver + S Hopscotch
size:  7 width, 10 length
fabric:   Rainbow Tiny Hearts Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee (2 years ago) and blue ribbing
mods:  additional length added

Heart Hopscotch
I had plans to make MG a special shirt for Valentine's Day well in advance of the actual day.  But as usual, a million and one things conspired against me and instead I spent yesterday afternoon sewing her a top.  Notice the splint on her pinkie finger?  I got a call from the nurse at her school on Wednesday that she had hurt her finger in PE.  I didn't think too much about it and planned on her staying at school and coming home normally.  After the second call from the nurse and a recommendation that I take her to the doctor's for an x-ray, I went and picked her up.
Ick!  Not the little owie that I was expecting.  The doctor didn't think x-rays were necessary as the finger wasn't displaced.  So, she gets to wear a splint for the next week or so and is excused from volleyball (and any other contact sports!) in the meantime.  But it's not slowing her down a bit.:)
Heart Hopscotch
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Gear

*Don't forget to enter the Imagine Gnats giveaway!  It ends tonight.*

Around here,  winter typically isn't a big deal.  Our average winter high is around 50F.  We might have a day where we don't get above freezing but the temperature quickly climbs back up.  We also don't see much snow. There are years we don't see a flake of the white stuff.  We might have some flurries or maybe a dusting of snow that lasts 24 hours at the most. 

This year has not been average.  We've had two snow storms combined with temperatures that stayed below freezing for days at a time. Some winter gear sewing was in order.

Nature Walk Pants
size:  6
fabric:  brown polar fleece from Joann Fabrics
mods:  added an additional 6 inches to the length
I made these for MG to wear under the nylon pants she wears to play in the snow.  Since it doesn't snow often we don't have snow clothes for everyone.  MG got the short end of the stick this year as the one pair of snow pants I had for the little girls was way too big in the waist for her.  She had a pair of hand-me-down nylon jogging pants to help keep her dry.  With tights and these pants underneath, she stayed warm enough.


pattern:  Double Thick Ear Muff Style Polar Fleece Headband (free pattern/tutorial by Laura of Daily Improvisations)
fabric:  leftover double sided fleece from my jacket

My coat is the Minoru that I made last year.  It's still going strong!

I have been wanting to make one of these since the weather turned cooler.  Do you know how hard I looked for a pattern for one of these?  The biggest problem was I wanted it to be shaped and not straight.  Green Pepper Patterns has one but of course, that was the one Green Pepper pattern that my local Joann Fabrics didn't have in stock.  And once I got it in my head that I wanted to make one, I didn't have the patience to order it and wait for a week+.  

Luckily, in all my googling and searching I came across Laura's pattern.  The headband did the trick and kept my ears warm/hair out of my face while I went sledding.:) 

Last but not least, I finally made the scarf from the Little Things to Sew book. 

LTTS Scarves
size:  the largest but I also added some length to it
fabric:  polar fleece left over from this hoodie and hot pink flannel
mods:  added 8" to the length (finished length is 47")
Scarf Detail  
I found this handy, dandy stitch on my machine to finish the short ends of the scarves.  Now, I've had my sewing machine for a number of years (hand-me-down from my mother) but I was hesitant to try the cartridges that came with it.  There are several embroidery designs and stitches.  But none of the stitches on the main cartridge (it's always in the machine) were quite what I wanted.  So, I looked through the other cartridges, saw this one, and gave it a try.  I'll definitely be trying out some of the other ones on future projects!
Even though it's still winter and still cold, I'm ready to start on summer sewing.  Surely, it's not going to be cold much longer....