Friday, February 20, 2009

Ottobre Outfits

Here are a few outfits that my mom and I have sewn for the 2 youngest.

4/2008 Ottobre outfit
BK in an outfit from the Ottobre Design 4/2008 issue. There were beads and buttons stitched on the shirring but I didn't sew them on tight enough and after a few runs through the washer they disappeared.

MG in a OD 4/2008 outfit. Grandma sewed this one. BK has a similar outfit.

October 2008 052
Pocket details.

Grandma made this outfit too. It's the same pants pattern as the sunflower pants.

BK's outfit, mama made. The pant legs are even, they just look crooked because of the way she was standing. My first time sewing a blouse and I think it turned out really good. Needs a good ironing though!lol

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