Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Craft

I came across this wonderful tutorial for a super cute stuffed bunny made from cashmere... I thought I was set as I'd stashed away a couple of cashmere sweaters that had holes in them for making diaper covers. Turns out I'd tossed them in my fit of cleaning after Christmas.:( No problem, I'd hit the thrift stores and pick up a few. There is not one cashmere sweater to be found in any thrift store in the Tidewater area. Fine, there's always freecycle...surely, if I post a want for stained holey sweaters I'll be besieged with offers. Nope. A few emails interested in what I was going to make but no one with any cashmere. I did find a lambswool sweater DSC03436that might work but it won't have that extra soft luxurious feel that cashmere is all about.

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