Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PJs for M

The Ottobre Design back issues I'd ordered had arrived Monday so while I spent some time at my parents' house on Tuesday, I was able to trace off and sew a pair of pajamas for M. Nothing beats sewing at grandma's...all her great equipment to use plus a built-in babysitter!

M had picked the thermal knit out last week when we were at JA's. For once, she was excited about mom sewing for her and patiently tried the top on a few times while it was under construction so I could double check the fit. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The pajamas should last her through the rest of spring and still fit come fall (I hope!).

The only problem I ran into was how stretchy this fabric can be. I had made P a double sleeved shirt with thermal fabric as the long sleeve this past fall and had the same problems with it stretching on the sleeve hems. This time I put rib knit on the sleeve and pant hems to avoid that but the shirt hem ended up all ripply. I didn't feel like I stretched it that much while sewing. I guess I'll have to hunt around on the web and see what I can learn to avoid doing this next time.

Yes, there's another pair of PJ's in my sewing future. M is thrilled with her new sleeping duds!


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  1. I like it, great work!
    Since reading about potential cancer-causing chemicals (flame retardants) that the industry is required to spray onto kid's pajamas, I have made an effort to sew all of my kid's pjs. Before that, I had wondered why the flannel at Walmart says that it is not suitable for children's sleewear. It is because it has not been treated with flame retardants.


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