Monday, April 27, 2009


I didn't start any new projects this weekend. Instead, I made a few repairs that had been needing to be completed. Dh had a pair of shorts with a hole in one of the front pockets. Quick fix to stitch it back together...I feel a little guilty that I didn't get to it sooner. Sorry dear!

P also had a shorts problem. Last summer, I had purchased numerous pairs of shorts for him to wear this year...some new, some from thrift stores/consignment sales. Not one pair fits him ideally, he's just too skinny. His shorts that he wore last year fit great in the waist but are a bit too short for me. His "new" shorts are great in length but the waists are huge. All have adjustable waistbands but I have to cinch them in so much that he looks a bit silly with all the bunched up fabric. One pair lacked buttonhole elastic but had a drawstring. He chose to wear those to church yesterday. I tied the drawstring but the knot got pulled too tight as he wore them. After using the bathroom, he couldn't pull his shorts back over his bum and the knot was too tight for him to undo it! Time to step in and fix this. I cut the drawstring and ripped out the few stitches holding it in place on the waistband so I could pull it out. Then I took buttonhole elastic and buttons from an old pair of jeans that he'd ripped the knees out of. I threaded the elastic through the casing, stitched the buttons on, and ta-da! A pair of shorts that fit and that he can get on and off by himself.

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