Monday, April 13, 2009

Sewing To Do List

Pajamas for M-Poor girl has either footies or shorts but nothing in between. I have some thermal fabric from JA's and am waiting on the Ottobre 4/04 issue for the pattern I want to use. Hopefully, it'll arrive this week so I can get on with it. P also could use some new summer pjs but half the time he just sleeps in his clothes or his underwear so there's no hurry there.

Peasant top for K to dress for M-Big sister has decided she doesn't like the purple w/ white flower top I made for her last year anymore. That's fine as she did wear it quite a bit last summer and it'll make a perfect dress for M. I'd like to add a casing and elastic to the waist though.

Church clothes for K-That girl is so tall and skinny that it's hard to find flattering age appropriate clothes for her. I'm thinking skirts and tops will probably be best though grandma is smocking a dress for her. She's needs clothes that are a bit fitted because otherwise she gets lost in her clothes.

Dress for B-I started smocking a panel last summer and lost interest in it. It's about three quarters of the way done so I really should finish it.

Speaking of unfinished projects....I have a Winnie the Pooh quilt that I started when K was little, meant to finish it for M but never did finish assembling it. Maybe I'll have it done by the time B is ready for a twin size bed??

Hammock for the backyard-I came across instructions on making a hammock with pvc pipe and outdoor fabric. I love hammocks...we had a rope one up but when I was pregnant with B I broke it. It's was dry rotted anyhow. At least that's what I tell myself!lol

Slipcovers for the couches-I've never attempted this but would love to make some as between the kids and dog all our furniture is looking a bit worse for wear.

Waterproof trainers for B-I've looked online some but haven't come across what I want. I'd like PUL on the outside and flannel on the inside with a couple of layers of flannel in the crotch. I also want them to be pocket style so if we're going to be out and about I can stick a microfiber doubler in for added protection. I also don't want snaps or velcro on the sides. I'm confident that I can make what I want but there's no hurry as B isn't showing many signs of wanting to use the potty.

I'd also like to sharpen up my hand embroidery skills and embellish a few shirts.

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