Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lazy Days Skirt

I tackled a few sewing projects yesterday and today while studiously avoiding the one I really need to be working on...B's dress for the upcoming wedding we're attending.

The outfit B has on today is what I made yesterday. The Huck Finn pants from Weekend Sewing and the Fern and Faerie smock. It's too dirty from playing outside all day to take a picture of her in it. Maybe I'll get one later this week after it's been washed.

This afternoon in no time at all I made the free pattern from Oliver+S. I used the left over striped fabric from B's other pair of Huck Finn pants and a ribbon that was in my stash. It's nothing fancy, just a tube of fabric with an elastic waist band. It's the ribbon used to finish the hem that makes the skirt cute in my humble opinion. I'm envisioning more of these especially if we take the plunge to start potty learning with B. How easy will that make it, not having to struggle with getting shorts/pants down?

I made this skirt to fit M which in reality means it'll fit B too. There's just enough of the stripe fabric left to make one more but I'll have to use different ribbon. M was quite happy with it and plans to wear it tomorrow.

I also finished the hammock last week but we had a tough time finding the proper material to support it. Using the wooden dowels that the pattern called for didn't butt on the ground proved that. J thought pvc pipe would work so that's what's in there now. We ended up adding some extra support rope to distribute the weight more evenly. So far, it's held up but it didn't turn out to be the perfect project that I had hoped for. Next time, I think I'll just buy the hammock!

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