Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recycled Dress, Ottobre Design

This is the dress that B wore to the wedding. I had the purple solid and gingham in my stash while the sheer fabric embroidered with butterflies came from my mom's. I started the dress and had left it at my mom's to complete the following week but she went ahead and finished it. I guess she took pity on how busy I'd been and wanted to alleviate some of the stress I was feeling while trying to get everything together for our trip. She put the zipper in and finished the sheer layer's hem.

The hem of the sheer layer is finished with a ribbon. I learned that technique from the Oliver+S free skirt pattern. Apparently, it wasn't as easy with a satin ribbon and slippery sheer fabric! Mom also embroidered a white butterfly on to the bodice to match. I love the finished dress and think it suits Miss B.

SWAP progress: Mom took pity on me again and went ahead and traced all the patterns I'm planning on using while we were out of town. I have almost all the fabric together that I'm planning on using. I still need a black knit, some denim, and a light weight print for the blouse.

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