Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cowgirl Ensemble

M and I found the pink cowgirl boots at a thrift store earlier this summer and couldn't resist bringing them home. While going through my fabric stash I came across the cowgirl fabric. I had bought it last fall to make toddler backpacks for the school craft fair but never got around to using it. There was just enough to make her another Oliver+S Lazy Days skirt.

Cowgirl Ensemble

I also had a white t-shirt that my mom was going to embroider w/ pink boots but the machine "ate" the shirt. The skirt and boots were just crying out for a matching shirt to complete the outfit so I pulled an Ottobre Design pattern (03/07 #4) out that was already traced off. The actual pattern has flounced, layered sleeves and a ruffle around the neck. I opted to use hot pink FOE for the neckline and not do the layered sleeves. Since donning the outfit, Miss M's been running around shouting, "I'm a cowgirl, I'm a cowgirl!". Mission accomplished.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for popping my blog! I see you are very much like me.. sewing when the kids are sleeping :-) So much fun, isn't it?!


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