Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dresses for Wedding, Take 1

How great is my mom? A thousand times great!! She always knows when I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed and steps in to help me with out being asked. This time it was making the wedding dress muslins. K and M are often hard to fit out of the Big 4 patterns with out major refits so I needed to have the dresses made out of muslin (or cheap fabric) to test the fit and see where they needed to be adjusted. I had an Ikea sheet set aside to use. Mom whipped these out on Friday and brought them with her when she came to M's ballet recital. K's fits well (usually the bodice is a problem). The only adjustment that needs to made on hers is the elastic in the back of the dress. M's needs the bodice tweaked a little to have it lay flat but otherwise is fine too. Now I just need to email the bride and see if she's happy with the way the dresses look or wants to make changes and then it's on to making them out of the satin. Thank you Mom!!

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