Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Preschool Backpack and SWAP item #7

This weekend my focus was to make a backpack for M to have for her trial run at the reverse mainstream preschool on Monday afternoon.  We were already thinking of not having her go if she was accepted so I didn't put forth as much effort to make the bag perfect as I might have.  I approached this sewing project with a "trying the pattern out and hope it turns out at least somewhat useable" attitude.  The end result...pretty good.   The backpack fits her perfectly and worked just fine for Monday afternoon.  It'll probably end up being used to haul toys to her older siblings soccer/football practices since we've decided to have her stay at her current preschool.   I like the pattern and am planning on making B a backpack for a Christmas gift.

I'm back to working on the Ottobre Design SWAP.  This blouse is the pintuck blouse from the 03/08 issue.  I had my doubts while finishing this if K would wear it but she tried it on last night and liked it.  After I put the elastic around the neckline I was worried the neckline would be too low and loose on K so I pulled it on over my head to see where it hit on me.  Shockingly, the shirt almost fit!  It's a size 140.  It was snug across the back/shoulders but otherwise looked fine.  It's got me thinking of tracing out one of the larger sizes (it goes up to a 170) and making myself a top...that is if I ever finish the SWAP.;-)   I did add a little length to the sleeves but not enough to make it fully a long sleeve that hits at the wrist like I was hoping to.  It's fits like a 7/8 sleeve...about an inch short of the wrists. 

Next project waiting to be sewn is #31 from 04/07.

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  1. Great sewing! I love the blouse, it's a very nice style.


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