Monday, September 7, 2009

Sewing Swimsuits

Earlier this summer while on a fabric buying spree, I purchased 2 yards of swimsuit fabric from Chez Ami.  I had never attempted to sew a swimsuit and had no plans of trying this summer.  However, due to B having a growth spurt and M's current suits not holding up too well both needed new ones for our Labor Day camping trip to NC's Outer Banks. 

I had 2 patterns from Ottobre Design picked out...#20 in the 02/04 issue and #38 in the 03/09 issue.  The plan was to sew #20 first in a size 92 and see which girl it fit best.  Swimsuit

It fit both girls but over all the swimsuit looked best on B's more rounded body.  I went ahead and traced off a 98 for the next swimsuit from the 03/09 issue hoping that it would fit M well and still allow a bit of growing room since summer is coming to an end.

Swimsuit, Take 2

I did make one minor alteration to the pattern.  Instead of cutting 4 straps out and having them tie on top of the shoulders, I cut 2 which turned out to be a good length and stitched them in place. 


Quick note:  It looks like M is significantly taller than B in this one would expect with a 2 year age difference.  However, B is standing in a hole.  There is only about an inch difference in height and B weighs a couple of pounds more than her big sister.  Their trunks are about the same length but M's legs are a little longer which is why I started with the size 92 suit and went from there. 

Sewing the swimsuits was a lot easier than I'd expected.  I did learn a few things that will make the next batch better.  My first attempt with sewing the elastic on was around the neckline of the first swimsuit.  I zig-zagged it to the wrong side of the fabric then folded it under and zig-zagged again on the right side.  However, I stitched too close to the inside edge which caused the elastic to flip forward a bit.

Also, on M's suit I did a horrible job of basting the crotch lining in.  It was so bad that when I did the elastic on the legs and flipped it to the inside, I still didn't catch all of the raw edges.  So, I flipped it again...and still managed to miss a small section.  The more I think about it the problem might have been that I put the lining in the wrong way.  I was in such a hurry that I didn't label my pattern tracings very well and eyeballed which end was the front. 

Overall, I'm happy with the end results and will be making the girls' swimsuits for next summer.


  1. The swimsuits look really, really good! I might even try it next summer.

  2. Both swimsuits came out great! I also sewed a swimsuit for the first time this summer for my dd, and like you, it was easier than I thought it would be.

  3. Thank you!

    Alisa, It really is easy.:) I found this blog helpful:

  4. Both costumes are so, so cute, Cindy!


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