Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SWAP progress

Ottobre Slim fit T

I love the fit of this shirt!  It's from the Ottobre Design 1/2009 issue.  K is a tall and skinny 10 year old.  It's hard finding ready-to-wear clothes that fit correctly.  Most tops end up being too wide in order to get the sleeves long enough and pants....let's just say Thank God for buttonhole elastic!  The fabric is from the red tag section of JA's.  It's a little on the thin side to wear alone without a cami or tank top underneath but perfect for layering.


I also finished the tunic from the 4/2007 Ottobre issue.  I didn't have a coordinating knit in polka dots like in the issue so I took a strip of pink jersey and one of the aqua jersey and serged them together with black thread.  That way it's reversible.  The fit is pretty good with the tunic though I did take the side seams in a good inch on both sides.  K loves both tops and has asked to wear the striped tunic on the first day of school. 

Yesterday, I put the elastic in the waistband of the black leggings so one more item to check off my SWAP list.  I cut out the pintuck blouse and hopefully will get started sewing that during nap time this afternoon.  I've completed 6 out of 12.  Half way done!


  1. Nice work! I've been working on some clothes for school too. I've never sewn from Ottobre, but I would love to try!

  2. OD is great! I got my first issue last fall and think that they are a great value. It's really pushed my sewing skills and I have learned a bunch.


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