Friday, September 4, 2009


I spent part of Wednesday and Thursday working on new swimsuits for B and M to wear on our camping trip this weekend.  I've never attempted to sew swimsuits and it turns out it's not as difficult as I feared.

I consider the two I made to be trial runs so they're not perfect.  I did learn a few things that will make the next swimsuit I make go easier.  One is to zigzag closer to the far edge of the elastic.  On the neckline of B's suit the elastic is flipping just a bit towards the outside.  Also, I need to be a bit more careful when basting the crotch lining in.  On M's I didn't catch it all the way which resulted in a little bit of hand sewing to tack it properly into place.  All in all, the swimsuits went together easily.  They'll get a real testing this weekend as we're headed to the OBX to go camping and the kids will be in and out of the pool and the ocean constantly.

I'll post pictures of the girls in their new suits when we return!

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