Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Dresses

This is what the bridesmaids will be wearing at our niece's wedding on Friday.  The bride provided me with a pattern and the material and asked me to make something similar for K (junior bridesmaid) and M (flower girl).  Luckily, she had picked a really simple pattern but not so luckily, the fabric she chose has more body than drape so replicating the bridesmaid dresses has become a lost cause.  Yes, the dresses will be halter tops but there's no way heavy satin is going to drape like chiffon. 

The dresses are white with a sash that ties into a bow in the color of the above dress.  I had sewn the dresses together last Friday and thought they were done but when the girls tried them on today both needed adjustments to the bodice.   I also discovered that the back of K's needed the elastic taken in at least an inch even though I cut the elastic way shorter than on the muslin.   Goes to show how important trying the garment on is!

K's bow/sash is basically done...it just needs to be tacked on to the dress.  M's needs to be sewn together and pressed and then tacked on.  Hopefully, that will get done after I drop her off at preschool.  I've decided that B will wear M's muslin (the hot pink dress a few posts back) with the white sash my mom sewed together as a trial run.  B's not in the wedding but she still gets a new dress. 

I had really hoped to have their dresses finished sooner but between being sick, school starting, and football/soccer practices and games my free time has evaporated.  I'm also trying to get the house in order and cleaning the guest room where all my sewing supplies are usually kept since the in-laws will be arriving tomorrow and staying with us.  And what about the SWAP sewing...I truly doubt it'll be finished by the deadline but I will complete it.  I swear!


  1. http://siestasandsewing.blogspot.com/2009/07/swap.html

    The Ottobre Design sewing group I'm a member of is doing one for fun but the deadline for completing the clothes is the end of Sept. (I think) so with all that's going on I don't think I'll make the deadline.

  2. I'd like to see pics of the finished dresses please :)


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