Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Left to Do

Yesterday was another fruitful sewing day.  I mended 2 shirts that have been needing repair for months.  I also finished another SWAP shirt and a pair of leggings weren't in the orignal plan but fit in just the same.

The shirt is #31 from the Ottobre Design 04/06 issue.  I didn't add the elastic tape to the sides as called for in the pattern.  I made my usual adjustments...2 in. longer sleeves and bottom hem.  I wish I'd been able to have K try the top on before I tacked the neckline as the shirt is a bit wide through the shoulders.  It's not terrible but could be better. 

The leggings are made from the brown rib knit that is on the shirt.  We had talked about making those cropped but K decided she'd prefer them long.  She wore them to school today with the blue/brown floral print pintuck blouse I finished a few weeks ago.  All that's left is the cord skirt, jean skirt, and pair of jeans and I'll be done with K's SWAP!

I'm not the only one who's been sewing.  My mom finished this jacket for M a few weeks ago.  It's from one of the more recent Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazines. 

However, after finally getting M to try the jacket on it's apparent that she's grown since being measured.  Looks like little sister will be the proud new owner.  But not to worry, Grandma's working on making a longer jacket for M.:)


  1. How cute. Good thing this jacket has an alternate wearer. lol. Really nicely done by Grandma.

  2. What gorgeous pieces! I found my way here via your comment on the Ottobre blog. I see you are an Ottobre fan too, I'm a new subscriber, but have been busy making things from the 2 issues I have so far (I've put some of them up on my blog). You've made some lovely things from the magazines. I really enjoyed looking at your blog.

  3. you are just so lucky to have enough time to enjoy sewing so much! I am just so stretched at the moment there isn't even much time to see what you have been up to here, sorry about that.


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