Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minna mini-skirt

Excuse the wrinkles...I hadn't had time to press the skirt before taking pictures.  This is the Minna mini-skirt from the 01/09 Ottobre Design issue. 

Nothing too fancy here.  It's an a-line miniskirt with front pockets and a back invisible zipper.  This was my first time putting in an invisible zipper and it would have gone in a lot easier if I'd listened to my mom.  When I'd reached the zipper stage I asked my mom what I needed to do different with an invisible zipper.  She told me to make sure I pressed the zipper first.  Did I listen to her?  Nope.  Did I bother to look at the directions that came with the zipper?  Of course not.  Did I end up going to my mom after unsuccessfully inserting the zipper my way and tell her she was right and I was wrong?  Yep.  At least I can confess to being wrong!

The skirt is really short...short enough that it wouldn't have covered my daughter's bum if I didn't add a few extra inches to the overall length.  Even with the added length she won't wear the skirt with out leggings or shorts under it.

This is her heading off to school this morning wearing the skirt with a shirt and leggings I also made....all pieces from the SWAP.


  1. It looks really good! I'm impressed with the things you've made. How old is your daughter?

  2. Really beautiful skirt!Great work!

  3. Looks like a great simple skirt. And looks very good over leggings. Are they also the leggings from the Autumn issue Ottobre? (with the lines at the bottom?). Glad the invivsible ziper worked out in the end. I've done a few zippers in my time, and now I much prefer an invisible ziper, I think they are easier and the finish is much nicer. Good job.


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