Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One more down...Velour Vest

Yesterday, I managed to get out the door before 9am and headed over to my parents.  Mom took over entertaining the 2 little ones and I sequestered myself in her sewing room. 

I had been working on the vest a little at home but when I went to stitch the shoulder seams the fabric was stretching more than I wanted...even with the stay tape.  I've been spoiled using the walking foot at mom's so I chose to stop working on it until I could use her machine. 

Tuesdays are typically spent at my parents' house.  We've made it into a habit to spend a whole day there since the my oldest, K, was a baby and we lived about half an hour away.  Of course, now we only live a mile and a half from them but the habit has stuck.  Usually, I make it over there mid-morning and stay until around 3pm when I have to head back to our house to get the 2 big ones off the bus.  Then it's back to grandma's until it's time to leave for soccer practice.  That means I get at least a few hours of sewing in and have expert help just a shout away.

So, the vest is completed thanks to all that quiet sewing time.  K is once again delighted with the finished product.  I, however, wish I'd made my typical adjustments instead of following the pattern exactly.   It could stand to be a few inches longer and a little narrower.   I think from now on I need to automatically make that correction every time for her.  She is so tall and skinny that even most RTW clothes don't fit without modifications. 

I used Chez Ami fabric for the entire vest.  The pocket bags are made from the same striped jersey as the hood lining.  I have plenty of fabric left over so I'm thinking of making leggings/tops out of the velour and stripes for the little girls.  After I finish the SWAP sewing, of course!


  1. The vest looks great! How nice that you have Tuesdays to look forward to. I spend Thursdays with my mom (either here or there.) I don't usually sew but I do my errands which frees up other time to sew.

  2. You have great details included on this vest. Really nice work.


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