Monday, October 19, 2009


Last year following Halloween I had purchased leggings with pumpkins and other Halloween critters on them for M and B to wear this year.  I knew B had at least one black shirt to pair with the leggings but M had outgrown hers.  Not to worry, I had almost a full yard of black interlock that I'd picked up a few weeks ago from Hancock's remnant bin plus a shirt pattern traced off for B.  Since B and M are so close in size despite being over 2 years apart in age I used the pattern that I had for B...Ottobre Design 06/07, the Tilda t-shirt make M's top.  M is the girl on the right with her eyes closed.

Pumpkin shirts

Now, this should have been a simple top to put together.  It's a very basic raglan sleeve shirt.  However, leaving the sewing until last minute made for a miserable afternoon for myself.  In part, because I still had several dozen pumpkin cookies to bake for the upcoming field trip.

First off, the sewing machine kept jamming.  I rethreaded the bugger several times and it would work fine for about an inch and a half then I'd have a big ball of thread and a jammed machine.  Finally, I took the #@$%  machine apart and thoroughly cleaned and oiled it.  That fixed the problem.  Then, I decided to play with the elastic thread overlock stitch on the machine.  No biggie except I don't know where my head was but I went ahead and sewed the side seams together before attaching the sleeves.  Still fixable even if a bit out of order but I didn't mark where the sleeves were supposed to line up to the front and back and couldn't tell which side went where.   So, still not a big deal, just rip the seams out and start over.  That's where my major headache ensued.  It is a pain in the you-know-where to see black thread on black fabric when it's cloudy and dark outside and your inside lighting is so-so.  Plus, because I used the overlock stitch it wasn't a simple seam to rip out.

After throwing a mini-temper tantrum, I gave up and just literally ripped the seams apart.  I started over and got the pattern pieces out, marked where to match the sleeves up to and finished the top in 30 minutes.  Luckily, the top is an a-line and not fitted so taking it in an extra cm on the sides didn't matter.  Let this be a lesson and reminder for me and a PSA for everyone else....always take the time to read through your instructions and mark your fabric. 

I couldn't leave the shirt plain so I grabbed some orange felt and cut out pumpkins to stitch to the girls' shirts.  That was a non-stressful project that I actually enjoyed doing last night while dh and I watched the Fringe episode we'd recorded earlier in the week.

With the cookies baked, shirts completed, the girls and I enjoyed the field trip this morning.

Those cookies were delicious!

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  1. thank u for stopping by! :) gosh, what pretty little outfits. :D good job despite the problems u had to go thru. was well worth it i'm sure. :D would u like to exchange links?


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