Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Recent Sewing

B in the AS&E jacket Grandma made

I wish the weather today was more like it is in the above picture.  We're currently dealing with what the Weather Channel is calling the "Atlantic Assault".  School has been cancelled due to flooding and power outages.  Luckily, the power is on here and the kids are watching Madagascar and snacking on popcorn which translates into free time for me.

I did get some sewing done over the last 2 days.  I've started the jeans for K.  It's been slow going as I spent most of the afternoon on Tuesday with the back pocket embellishments.  They look simple enough but often times, it's the easy embellishments that take me forever.  Then yesterday, as I was sewing the inseams I ran out of navy thread so that project has been put on hold until I can make a run to the fabric store. 

My wonderful mom made pants for M (pumpkin pants OD 04/06 #22) and B (tulip pants OD 4/09 #12) over the last week.

Now it's up to me to make coordinating shirts.  I have red, green, and green striped interlock and I'm thinking of making the Orvokki top from the 01/09 OD issue.  I can't make my mind up though as to which colors will go where. 

Yesterday, I made a matching top for a pair of Gymboree leggings that I had purchased at a consignment sale a few months ago.  I have a several pairs of Gymbo leggings for the 2 younger girls that I've acquired from thrift stores/garage sales/consignment shops.  I love the knit prints.  However, finding the shirts that match the leggings is harder unless you try ebay.  But there you have to pay shipping so even if you find a shirt for an okay price you still have the additional shipping charges.  I'm too cheap for that so it's a good thing I can sew.


The rib knit came from Jo-Anns and the mushroom template came from  lollychops blog.  I used the Sweet-n-Cosy shirt pattern from the Ottobre Design Winter 2008 issue, size 98.  I'll try for a modelled picture when the weather improves and the sun comes out.:)

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  1. The jacket your mom made is gorgeous! And the shirt you made to match the leggings is so cute. It's a perfect match!


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