Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whale Watching

In addition to finishing the pair of jeans for K, I made a shirt to match another lonely pair of Gymboree leggings.  This time I started with a RTW shirt and did a reverse applique of a whale using a template from Lollychops .  I then cut out a pair of long sleeves and sewed them onto the existing sleeve seam.  Tip:  It's a lot easier to do if you sew the sleeves together before attaching them to the the shirt.  I'm thinking of going back and adding some blue to the hem as B seems to have grown again! 

K in her Sarita jeans

I think she managed to lose a few pounds between Tuesday and today. *rolling my eyes*  Even though I took in the waist/hips 3 inches total, the jeans are still a little loose in the waist.  I swear they fit fine when she tried them on Tuesday night.  She ended up wearing a belt to school.  I had a bit of a fun reaction from my husband this morning over the jeans.  K told him I had made the jeans and he asked, "From what?", thinking I had just embellished a regular pair.  I said, "From fabric." and he was shocked and replied, "I didn't know you could make pants!".  :)

I also took some pictures this morning before the rain started of M in B's Ottobre outfit that I finished last week.

Both the shirt and the leggings are from the 06/07 Ottobre Design issue.  The shirt is the Tilda T-shirt dress and the leggings are the Lily leggings.  I originally made this for B in a size 92 but the top was a wee bit big on her so it's become M's for now. The fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  There's been talk on the Ottobre group I belong to that HL knits shrink quite a bit so maybe after a few more washes it'll fit B better. 


  1. SO cute!! The jeans looks great and I love the whale tee. So fun!!

  2. The whale shirt is so cute. I love it! I am also very impressed with the jeans. You are inspiring me to try new things.


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