Sunday, December 13, 2009

20 minute Tutu

M has been taking a ballet class through our local parks and recreation department.  Today was their big finale where the parents can come and watch what they've learned.  The girls are allowed to deviate from their usual dress code (black leotard, pink tights) and wear tutus.  I'd used this tutorial in the past to make quick gifts for other little girls we know.  M had been quite envious of the last one I made so I decided to make her one while I waited for her regular class to finish. 

Of course, I was out of elastic so I had to salvage some from a pair of pjs I'd made P and he's since out grown.  I stitched the elastic together before leaving the house and then sat in the theater cutting tulle and knotting it on the elastic circle.  20 minutes later, M had a big fluffy tutu! 


  1. Cute tutu, and even cuter little ballerina

  2. So cute! Thanks for the link to the tutorial - so much easier than the other ways I've seen it done.


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