Friday, December 11, 2009

An apple a day

Ottobre Design 04/09 #5

I traced/cut out a size 92 figuring it would fit one of the little girls but assumed the shirt would fit B best since M has gained a little in size.  Nope.  On B, the shirt didn't look quite right.  I decided that it was too wide in the shoulders for baby girl but just right (except for the length) for M.  So, I used my mom's serger and did a rolled hem so that M's belly would stay covered.   I used FOE (fold over elastic) on the neckline and a green ribknit on the yoke binding and short sleeve edges.  The red knit was from my mom's stash and the green stripes were from Hancock's.  I had a hard time choosing what fabric would go where.  Originally, I was considering using a black ribknit or FOE for the binding.  It was too overwhelming to decide how much and where so I ultimately stuck with the green.

I'm going to make the same shirt and use wider seam allowances so that it'll fit B's body better.  I'm thinking of changing the colors up a bit.  Any suggestions?  I have plenty of red, black, and striped green fabric but not much of the solid green.  I'm out of green FOE and don't have any red that matches.  I do have black though.  Any help is appreciated!

I can't take any credit for the pants. ;)


  1. That top is a perfect match for those pants!! I love the arrangement that you have, although if you wanted to do black with black FOE in place of the red that would be cute and change it up a bit. Love it!!

  2. It looks so cute! I've never used fold over elastic, but I'd like to try it.

  3. Thanks! I did find more of the green solid while cleaning up my dining (I mean sewing) room so I might do the same color scheme except use the black for all the binding. When I finish my Christmas sewing, I'll have to play with it.;-)

    Alisa, FOE is great to use. I bought a bunch from sewzannesfabrics over the summer. It was a bit tricky the first few times I used it but over time my results have been more consistent.

  4. You made that? WOW! Great work. Your daughter looks so proud!


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