Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yesterday, I wrapped up the majority of my Christmas sewing and finished a pajama top for P that has been sitting around waiting for ribbing.

Ottobre Design 04/08 #26

I used that particular pattern because I already had it traced off from when I made P a shirt last fall.  I did add a little length and width to it since I wanted it to fit him through the winter and hopefully, next year too.  I think I started sewing this back in October and just never got around to finishing the sleeves or the neckline.  It's been sitting on one of our dining room chairs since then.   P put the top on last night as soon as I finished it and hasn't taken it off yet!

Yesterday, was all about fleece.  First, I made a pair of pj pants (the Darla pattern from the latest kid issue)for K from a soccer print.  Then, I serged 2 2 yard panels of fleece together for a blanket.  Years ago, I did this for P and it's been his favorite blanket since.  K, M, and B will all be getting one except B's is flannel on one side and cuddle fleece on the other.  Next up was a pair of pj pants for P out of  blue cuddle fleece.  I used the same exact pattern that I used for K's except I made the crotch a little deeper and the inseam shorter.   The crotch looks a little shallow on the Darla pattern but I'm not certain of this since the kids didn't get to try the pants on.  After all, they are going to be gifts.   With P being a boy, I didn't want the pants to be uncomfortable for him.   Lastly, I made the Mockingbird Nightdress for M out of a cuddle fleece print.  I'll post pictures sometime after Christmas.:)

I love the feel of the cuddle fleece but it sheds real bad on the cut edges.  It kept getting in my mouth and nose and the clothes I was wearing yesterday are covered in fleece fuzz!  All that's left to sew is another pj top for P out of a knit jersey and a Scotty Dog softie for B.  I can't wait for Christmas morning!

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  1. my sewing room is covered in cuddle fleece fuzzies too. love that stuff!!!


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