Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How's that Christmas Sewing Coming?

 Not so good.  I can't seem to find the desire to work on any of my projects.  The days are flying by and my to-do list feels like it's getting longer.

I did finish K's skirt yesterday but not without a few hiccups.  This was my first time using the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch skirt pattern.  I'd bought the pattern a few months ago with the intention of sewing the jacket.  I chose the size 4-8 figuring that I'd be able to use it on all 3 girls.  K is 10 years old but she's so thin that I had no concerns about the 8 fitting her.  I didn't even think to measure her which I ended up regretting.

I had printed off the errata shortly after receiving the pattern in the mail but forgot to check it before cutting out the skirt.  I should have added some length to the waistband.  Luckily, I was using a wool knit instead of a woven so I was able to use what I'd cut out.  The pattern's instructions are nice and clear and have illustrations which are handy.   I also appreciated the easy-to-understand definitions of sewing terms.  I wish I'd had those when I first started sewing clothing! 

The skirt turned out really cute.  It's a classic style and I love the kick pleat in the back.  What I didn't like (and this was my fault for assuming the 8 would fit fine) was that it was way too big for K.  The elastic had to be cut so short to make the skirt fit around her waist that it's pulling the side seams towards the back.

When I went back and really read the body measurement chart, I discovered that I could have used a size 5 for everything but the length. I think the chart included with the instructions is fairly accurate for most kids. I just happen to have a fine boned, tall, skinny daughter.   Lesson time I'll double check the measurements!

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