Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Skirt

When I sew this skirt again for K, I'm going to add at least 2 inches to the overall length.  On this one, it ended up about an inch longer than the pattern calls for since I used a woman's dress for the fabric and utilized the existing hem.  It's still a little too short for my taste though.

You can see where it's gathered too much along the back waist band like I described here.   The size 8 body measurements included with the pattern are 23 1/2" for waist, hip 28 1/2", height 53-54", and weight between 65-72 lbs.  K's waist measurement is 22", hips 26", height 59", and she weighs 64 lbs. so no wonder the skirt doesn't fit well without the elastic being really short.  K is happy with it though and wore it to church today, coordinating with her siblings.


  1. That is a cute bunch of kiddos!

  2. Sweet photo! They look great, all matchy-matchy!


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