Monday, January 11, 2010

Apple Twins

It's sad how quickly a day can go from having all sorts of goals (run errands, vacuum downstairs, clean bathrooms, do laundry, update blogs, trace a pattern) to facing the fact that I'll be lucky if 2 things on my list get done.  My most productive part of the day--mid-morning--is long gone and the chances of getting anything else accomplished once the older 2 kids come home from school is slim to none.  *sigh* 

I finished the second Double-Tea shirt yesterday so M and B were "twins" today in their apple outfits. 

Looks like M managed to get something on her shirt in the 5 minutes between dressing and having her picture taken. 

Remember how I debated what fabric to use?  I planned on having the stripe in the yoke but after the disaster with the neckline my last little bit of useable stripes were rendered trash.  Luckily, there was a strip left that was just long enough to use as the yoke binding so I used some of the solid green for the yoke instead.  I like how the black at the neckline and short sleeve edges breaks up the red/green combination.   


  1. So cute! And a perfect match for the apple pants.

  2. Cute! Those are fun colors and I like the black accent, too.


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