Thursday, January 21, 2010

The beginnings of SWAP10...

SWAP=Sewing With A Plan

K-light blue linen
M-yellow linen
B-pink linen

P-shorts, natural linen



M and/or B-capris
I didn't have the best lighting but this green coordinates perfectly with the 2 above prints.

B and/or M
Once again my lighting doesn't do the colors justice.  These are coordinates from Chez Ami.  I also have the blue in a ribknit that I would use for the armhole and neckline bindings. 


Possibly for M and/or B??  I haven't decided yet.

M and/or B-CA interlock

M and/or B-Basic T-shirt

This is what I'm thinking but I'm not committed 100% yet.  I'll probably make swimsuits for all 3 girls and a basic T-shirt for P too.  I'm trying really hard to use only fabrics that are in my stash. 


  1. It looks like a great and ambitious list! I'm sure it's obvious to most but I don't know what SWAP stands for :)

  2. Sorry about that Suzanne.*blush*
    I edited my post and added a link to a description of what SWAP stands for.

  3. Oh those are beautiful fabric choices. Can't wait to see finished products!


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