Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Pants for B

I didn't get as much accomplished yesterday as I'd hoped.  The matching shirt for the apple pants (Double Tea) gave me fits as I worked on the neckline.  It seemed no matter what I did the finished neckline was too small and would not fit over B's head.  I ripped it out at least twice and then decided to quit working on it.  Sometimes putting a project down and stepping away from it is needed.

I did make M another nightgown using leftover microfleece from my diaper making days.  In fact, M wore pocket diapers with this same fleece as the inner when she was a baby.  She loves her warm nightgowns!

I had tried out the pants pattern below (01/03 #15) a week ago in tan fine cord.  They are capris with front pockets, a flat front, and elastic in the back.  I traced/cut out size 98 but used the next size up's length as I wanted pants not capris.

To my surprise they were way too wide to in the front crotch area for either of the 2 younger girls.  Even B in her fluffiest cloth diaper couldn't fill it out.  I ended up taking over an inch out of the front crotch seam.  I'm not too happy with the end result so no pictures but trying the pattern out gave me a good idea of where I needed to make adjustments.  Yesterday, I tweaked the pattern and came out with a winner!

My tweaks were:  ommitting the seam allowances on the front and back crotch when I cut the legs out, adding an additional inch to the bottom of the legs, omitting the elastic allowance on the back piece by folding it over on the pattern, using a 2cm seam allowance, and using ribbing with inch wide elastic in it for the waist band. 

My inspiration for these pants came from a pair of mini-Boden cords:

My pair was a trial run using leftover light weight denim from K's Sarita jeans.  I didn't have any suitable fabric for making the flower appliques on the knees.  Next pair, I'll see if I can duplicate the look.:)

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  1. Cute! Can't wait to see the Mini Boden knockoff version. The fit is great!


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