Wednesday, January 13, 2010

P's Shirt Completed

04/09 #38
Yesterday was spent working on this shirt.  I'd meant to at least have the pattern traced off before heading to my parents' house but like the best of intentions it didn't happen.  The shirt was a quick project though.  I spent maybe 3 1/2 hours total on it.  This was my first time doing a placket that did not run the whole length of the front.  I messed it up a little bit so I took a square of the brown corduroy and stitched it at the bottom of the placket to cover my mistake.  The collar intimidated me reading through the instructions but actually went together quite well.  I'm very pleased with the fit.  P's a slim kid much in the way his big sister is and this shirt was the perfect width.  I can definitely see using this pattern again. 

Marley the dog approves.


  1. Really cute shirt! It looks so smart in this stripe.

  2. Looks so professionally made, Cindy!!! I love this style of shirt!!!


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