Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thinking Ahead Spring/Summer SWAP

Over the weekend, I went through the spring/summer clothes that I have packed away for the kids.  We'll be heading to FL the end of March and I wanted to see what still fit and what they needed.  Turns out, they don't need much.  K has grown in height but that's it so she can still wear her shorts from 2 summers ago.  All her shirts from last year fit fine too.  P's shorts still fit and he had some shirts that I'd bought for last summer (and were too big) that fit now.  The younger girls (M and B) are set for the most part too.  So much for sewing brand new wardrobes for all the kids!

However, I'd still like to sew something so I'm thinking of doing mini-SWAPs (SWAMP) for each child.  I still need to go through the back issues I have and pick specific patterns but I do have a rough idea of what I'd like to sew.

I usually make the girls Easter dresses that match or coordinate.  Last summer I bought linen in 4 different colors (pink, yellow, blue, green) with this dress in mind.

I also have linen (natural) for P.  I was thinking of sewing a button down shirt.  However, he wasn't too enthused when I showed him the fabric.  He could use a dressier pair of shorts for church so I might use the linen for that. 

I'd also love to make the little girls shorts similar to Gymboree's.  If I took #10 pattern from the 03/07 Ottobre issue I think I could tweak it a little and end up with a close match.  I've had a hard time finding 100% cotton french terry in colors I like though.  Maybe the Chez Ami interlock would work?

The shorts are simple but cute and perfect for summer time.  I'd like to make several different color shorts and a few shirts that would mix and match. 

I've also been eyeing the Oliver + S puppet show shorts pattern to make shorts out of a woven fabric.  I looked through the Ottobre magazines I had and couldn't find anything that I felt was comparable.  There was the ruffle back shorts from the 03/08 issue but they look so wide.  Maybe on B wearing a cloth diaper they'd look okay? 

This week my goal is to choose specific patterns and fabric from my stash to make SWAMP plans for each child.  Hopefully, I'll get those posted next weekend and start sewing!

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  1. Fun!! I love that dress design. Can't wait til my little is big enough to wear it! I have made the ruffle back shorts from 3/08. They are ADORABLE on. They are pretty roomy.


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