Sunday, February 28, 2010

Operation Sewing Room, Part 1

This weekend was spent clearing out the room below, B's former nursery.

She's been sharing a room with M for a little over a month now and sleeping in a twin bed.  The toddler bed was still being used for naps though since putting M and B together to nap would result with neither sleeping.  However, M is fast approaching her 5th birthday and doesn't consistently take a nap anymore.  Little by little, I had been moving pieces of furniture out.  The changing table was passed on to friends who are having a baby.  The dresser has been relocated to the guest room.  Friday, we bought a metal bed frame so that we could use the back of the toddler bed for a full size bed headboard.  That too is now in the guest room. 

The room is not very big.  It measures approx. 11' x 7'.  There's now a dresser/vanity (part of a furniture set that was given to us) on the wall where the changing table was located.  I've filled several of the drawers with part of my fabric stash.  We also moved an antique sewing table/machine to the wall where the crib/toddler bed was.  We received the sewing machine and table when dh's grandmother passed away in 1999.  I've never used the machine but have plans too.  There's all kinds of neat attachments (ruffler, binding foot,etc.) that I don't have for my very basic Brother sewing machine.  The recliner is still in the room as I don't really have anyplace else to put it right now. 

I have yet to move any of the crap stuff from my current sewing area...the dining room. 

I'm hoping to chip away at that mess this week.  I'll post picures when it's finished!


  1. Another one who sews on the dining room table. I am trying to organize my dining room/sewing room, too! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I mean, I can't wait to see what the new sewing room looks like.

  3. So exciting!!! It's miraculous having a dedicated sewing space. I'm so glad you're getting one!

  4. You will love having your own sewing room! I don't think I could go back to the dining room table. I'm so spoiled!

  5. Oh have fun! You'll love having a dedicated sewing room!

  6. I look foward to seeing what it's like when you get finished.


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