Monday, February 8, 2010

Pumpulipilvi Tunic- Muslin

She had recently woke from her nap and was still sleepy.

It seems the consensus on this top is that it runs big.  Keeping that in mind I traced off a 92 for M instead of her usual 98.  I have a print that I'm planning on using but I wanted to test drive the pattern first so this top was made out of a curtain panel that's been sitting in my repurpose bin for years.  It doesn't have elastic in the neckline yet and the sleeve edges and hem still need be done.  I tried doing a narrow zig-zag on my sewing machine to finish the hem but after breaking the thread twice and getting a wad of fabric stuck in the feed dogs I gave up.  I'll use my mom's serger tomorrow to finish it. 

It would have been cute to use a bright color thread while doing the shirring on the white fabric.  Of course, you'd have to make sure you kept your lines perfectly straight since it would show up.  I personally prefer the versions in the Ottobre Flickr Pool that were done using stripes and prints.  I'll do another one out of "real" fabric soon.


  1. Very pretty, I think the white will be lovely and fresh for summer. I did my shirring in a continuous cork-screw, Only the start and finish to tie off that way. I thought I might not put elastic in the neck but decided to try it and it really finishes it off.

  2. I think its beautiful! My girls would love it -- I agree the "white" may not be ideal for a young kid -- could you dye it?

    Great work

  3. Thanks! I think it's going to end up back in the repurpose bin. Trying to a rolled hem on the sleeve edges after I'd stitched the underarm seam and shirred it didn't work out so well. Oops! It's also so sheer that I feel the girls would need a shirt under it. No big deal...the muslin served it's purpose. Now to move on to the real top.:0)


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