Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rosalind T-shirt and Pants for P

I grabbed a knit from my stash to make a shirt for one of the little girls before heading to my parents' yesterday.  It's one I picked up from Jo-Ann's clearance aisle last year.  My original plan was to make another Piparminttu top using the print for the bottom, a yellow jersey for the top, and a dark blue ribbing for the neckline and armholes.  I still might but I decided to make the Rosalind t-shirt from the Summer 2009 Ottobre Design issue.  It's a quick and easy top and I like how the neckline is not as high as some of the other tops I've made.  Neither of the girls was interested in trying it on.

I also worked on 2 pairs of the Ahoy! shorts for the girls.  They are about half way done. 

The other package I received last week was an Oliver + S pattern and some white ribbing.  I'd like to make P pants from the pattern but ran into a  little dilemma.  My mom pulled some twill from her stash and I brought it home to work on here not even thinking about thread. 

I could use white or black...
...or should I wait until I can go to the fabric store and buy thread that matches?

The pattern also calls for lightweight fabric like quilting cottons, broadcloth, or poplin for the waistband and drawstring.  I don't have any "boy" fabrics like that and I don't think P would be so keen on flowers and pink so a trip to the fabric store is in my near future.  I re-measured P to make sure I got a good fit and it looks like a size 7 with added length will work.  He needs new pants and I hope he'll like these as they look like they'll be an easy sew.


  1. Cute top!

    I'd just go with the white thread. I think the contrast will add some interest.

    I just had the same problem last night. I was working on a receiving blanket and didn't have any brown thread to sew the bias binding on...

  2. I think either black or white will work just'll just look like you meant to do it that way!

    I never have the right color thread...

  3. If you are needed a trip to the shop before you can make these, I'd wait on the thread as well. I can see a contrasting thread (and even waistband/drawstring), but I'd go with cream or a muted blue. I think white would be too stark with that brown and black would just look like it didn't match. Just my opinion, though. I suspect it will be great however you do it!

  4. I would tend to agree wit KID MD. I'd wait if you could, for a different coloured thread. Looking foward to seeing them finished.

  5. Your rosalind came out very cute! Love the fabric.


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