Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sandbox Pants

I am delighted with the fit of these pants.  I measured P and opted to go for a size 7.  He's built much like his older sister...tall and thin.  The pants look great on him and are the perfect width. 

They still need to be hemmed and to have buttons sewn on the back pockets. 

The length of the pants was a nice surprise.  Too often I have to add several inches to the bottom of a pants patterns to get the correct length.  These were actually a little too long!  Another surprise...these pants fit K too!  They would need to be about an inch longer so that the pants could be hemmed but other than that she could wear them too. 

This is a great basic pattern and easy to sew.  I can see making another pair for P.  They'd also work well for a pair of shorts.  Hopefully, I can get these hemmed today and get a few pictures of the pants on the boy.


  1. Good to know... I have a couple of tall skinny kids too.

  2. Nice pants - I like the casual, cargo style. What pattern are they?

  3. Joy-They are Oliver+S Sandbox pants + Starfish Stencil pattern.:)


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