Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day and Tuesday SNS

We pretended it was summer time before nap today and the little girls modelled their new clothes I sewed for them over the last few days.

 Piparminttu jersey pinafore dress

My mom had traced this pattern (#1 01/10 OD) off for me a few weeks ago and I knew that the Chez Ami fabric I'd bought when they had their big sale would be perfect for it.  I made the biggest size (a 92) and could have gotten away with doing a smaller size.  I wanted a tunic/top so I cut it to the length of one of B's shirts.  Having read that it runs wide, I took in the top 1 inch along the side seams. 

Piparminttu top and green capris
The green pants are from the summer 2004 Ottobre Issue.  They have small vents on the outseam.  In the magazine, they have a ribbon running the circumference of each leg about an inch above the hemline.  I couldn't find any ribbon in my stash that wouldn't limit the pants to matching only one top so I skipped it for now.  The fabric is from Ikea.  These pants fit M too except there is definitely diaper ease built into them.  B wearing a cloth diaper fills the crotch out nicely...a little too nicely in the picture!  She had a very wet and droopy diaper

Free Tank Top Pattern dressed up with ruffles and a flower

Ottobre Design has a free tank top pattern on their website.  I had printed it off last summer and made a few plain tops for B.  This time, I added ruffles by cutting strips of fabric and finishing the edges with a rolled hem.  The inspiration shirt has 5 strips across the front of the shirt but after working several hours on mine (and ready to move on to something else) I opted to do 3 instead.  Another difference is I chose to do a rolled hem on the bottom of the shirt.

M likes her new top and wants to know when I'm going to make her little sister one. 

All 3 pieces could be considered part of my SWAP for the little girls.  I still need to sit down and formally pick all my patterns/fabrics.  I've decided that I won't do a full SWAP for K and P.  They both still fit into their summer clothes from last year so I'll only make one or two new pieces for them.


  1. I love your Piparminttu top!
    You are inspiring me to try some sewing with knits :) I have never sewn using a ottobre pattern and am wondering if you could recommend a past issue that has a bunch of really good patterns. I'm sure they all do but if one comes to mind I'd love to know.

  2. That ruffle tank is ADORABLE!!

  3. Nice рiparminttu top and green capris and very beautiful top

  4. Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun with those 2 tops.

    Suzanne, That's a hard one, picking a past issue to recommend!lol What sizes are you most interested in? Do you want basics or fancier clothes? For summer issues, I've used the 2007, 2008, and 2009 ones the most for my girls. But of all the issues, Autumn 2008 is the one I've sewn the most was the first issue I had. If you go on the Ottobre Design website and click on a specific issue you can look at what patterns are included. There's also a few print for free projects/patterns on their website. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.:)

  5. Thanks for replying! I've been on the Ottobre website but didn't realize you could see what was in the issues - thanks for the tip :) I'll just look through them.

    Do you have a post anywhere with tips for sewing with knits?

  6. Suzanne, Here's a link that has some good info:

    I find using a walking/even feed presser foot helps cut down on stretching. Also, on shirts I fuse a small strip of interfacing to the wrong side of the back shoulder seam allowance to prevent stretching. The nice part of working with knits is you don't have to finish the raw edges. I recently saw a Billabong shirt in the store that didn't have the neckline, sleeve edges, or hem finished. Shocking too that they wanted $40 for it!lol Good luck!



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