Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Party Finery

I've been feeling a bit blah this week and my previous enthusiasm regarding sewing Valentine tops for the girls has waned.  That happens quite frequently to me regarding holiday sewing/crafting.  I'll be all for it months before the holiday but the closer it gets the less I want to do it.  I promised M though so here they are... 

The top B is wearing is supposed to be for M as I made it a little bit longer.  Of course, I decided to add lace around the embellishment on the second top and M insisted on wearing that one. 

The pattern is the Fern & Faerie Peasant Smock  pattern.  It was the first non-Big 4 pattern I purchased and has been put to good use.  One of my first blog posts shows K in the larger sized smock, a smocked version of the smock (say that 5 times fast!), and a flannel long sleeve version.  I tweaked K's when it became too tight through the shoulders for her and made it into a dress for B this summer.  Looking through those early pictures from last year, I'm glad to report that my sewing has improved.  I'm a little embarassed over the quality of a few of those outfits!  All part of the learning process...


  1. Lovely tops. It looks like a very useful pattern.
    In Ireland we don't sew for holidays, My girls will wear heart-shaped hairclips... thats it!

  2. Very cute! Such cute little girls you have. I love the second picture - your littler girl looks pretty mischievous :)

  3. Millie-I wish M would have been content w/ a hairclip.:)

    Suzanne, Thanks. Yes, B is a handful. The stories I could tell! The other 3 are well behaved for the most part and we thought we were pretty good parents. Then B came along. She's a reminder from God to stay

  4. I know what you mean about the enthusiasm waning. I do that for Christmas sewing. The tops are really cute though and can be used for a long time, not just for Valentines day.

  5. Such darling girls and cute tops!

    #4 was our humbling child (:
    That's when I really learned parenting is more of an art than a technique.


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