Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Waiting for a man (or 2)

According to my tracking #'s, I should have a visit from the UPS guy and the FedEx man today.  I ordered a ton of ribbing and jersey from last week and a pattern and some fabric from Nancy's Notions.  I'm hoping the yucky weather (high winds and some snow) doesn't delay them.

Yesterday, I spent some time working on shirts for M and B for their spring/summer wardrobes.  I used a cute knit print that was part of my very first purchase from last spring.  I love the print but was unsure what to make with it.  I was worried that a simple t-shirt would look too much like a pj top.  I opted to use Ottobre Design #4 01/07...a t-shirt with an envelope neck and puffed sleeves.

I like the shirts better on the girls rather than lying flat but they're napping (hopefully!).

This is my first time using that pattern and I'm not sure if I did it correctly or not as the neckline is really high.  I added seam allowances to the front and back pieces on the orange binding top but cut them off on the green.  Usually, OD has you not add seam allowances to a piece if you're going to be adding binding to it.  I admit that I didn't read the instructions real close but I don't think it said to leave off the SA.  ???  Either way, it didn't matter--the girls didn't complain about the neckline being too high/tight. 

My next sewing task is to make B's Valentine's Day top.  M's is done.  I found white heart buttons at my mom's to finish it off.  My mom's sewing room has almost as good a selection of notions as a fabric store does!  I'll post pictures on Friday of the little girls in their tops.

eta:  The UPS guy made a delivery and this is what 29 yards of fabric looks like...

And I was able to tear B away from watching Clifford to get a quick shot of her in the envelope t-shirt...


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