Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easiest Shorts Ever

My sew-jo has disappeared and I'm not feeling very inspired to sew.  I have several patterns traced off for the SWAP but no desire to cut into fabric and sew.  I did accomplish something yesterday...shorts.  K had a pair of sweats that were becoming high waters and had yucky stains on the knees.  A quick cut with the scissors and 2 hems later...
...a new pair of shorts!

B also had a pair of her pants converted to shorts.  These are the easiest shorts yet.

This afternoon while the girls were engrossed in Clifford I finished the pair of Oliver + S puppet show shorts.  Eh, I'm not in love with the pair I made.  Using the size chart included with the pattern, I cut out a size 2.  I had doubts that they would fit over B's cloth diapered bum but thought if nothing else, they'd fit M. 

On M

On B

If anyone is going to wear them, it will be M.  They definitely do not fit B!  Even on M the waistband is snug and I'd certainly not want the legs to be any tighter.  Luckily, I used fabric that was used as curtains in our playroom so no loss there.  I like the idea of red gingham shorts and will try the next size up and see if that's a better fit.   This is why it's always a good idea to not use your "good" fabric when trying a new pattern. 

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