Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Mandarine" and "Pumpulipilvi"

Yesterday, I started on the "Mandarine" pants and "Pumpulipilvi" tunic that are part of my middle daughter's spring SWAP.  I used what's left of an Ikea sheet for the pants and a print that I had purchased from Jo-Anns last year for the tunic.
02/05 #14 pants and 01/10 #11 tunic

I caught part of the pants in the serger blade and made a little hole just to the back of the side seam.  I hand stitched it closed but wasn't happy with the little pucker left.  I hadn't planned on embellishing the pants but decided to go ahead so that I could cover the boo-boo.
I'm glad that I did as it breaks up all that green!  The pants are also a little shorter than the pattern.  I had thought I was being so smart by cutting the pants out using the bottom hem of the sheet.  I'd totally forgotten that these pants had a casing on the bottom.  Oops!  I cut off the hem and then made the casing.  There again, my mistake actually turned out to be a good thing.  I'm happier with the shorter length and think they'll be more comfortable during our hot and humid summers.

I do plan on shortening the ties.  They're too long right now.  I was surprised that M didn't complain about them tickling her legs. 

With the tunic, I did the shirring  Millie's way...a continuous corkscrew.  It's definitely the way to go.  I also added the elastic to the neck casing which I didn't with my muslin.  Once again Millie is right...the elastic finishes off the neckline nicely.   Thanks!


  1. So, so cute! Way to go using up the rest of the sheet. Your cutting mistake turned into a cute embellishment too!

  2. Good save on the serger boo-boo! *high five* The outfit is really adorable!

  3. What a beautiful outfit. I love the colours and the embellishment too. I am glad that my experience could help you, I suppose that's what blogging is all about....

  4. This is so cute... I've nipped things before with my serger. You covered your boo-boo nicely.

  5. M is so cute and the outfit is great - I love the colors.


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