Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Operation Sewing Room Complete!

I still need to get a chair up there so I can start sewing again.  The closet could use a spot of organizing but I wanted to hurry up and get some pics before I lost the light.  There's a basket up there that has my non-Ottobre Patterns in it. The little plastic basket on the vanity/dresser has my mending in it and the plastic case next to it has my scissors, pins, needles, interfacing and a few other sewing essentials.  The picnic basket on the floor by the sewing table has my inspiration magazines in the front part.  In the covered section are bags filled with elastic, trims, lace, bias tape, etc.. 

Where are the Ottobre Design magazines you ask?  In a large Rubbermaid container in the hall, of course!  I usually haul those back and forth to my mom's house and since tomorrow is Tuesday (Grandma Day) they are all packed up and ready to go. 

There is one other thing missing from the sewing room...my cutting table.  I have one that the sides fold down on but there's just not enough room for the table (even folded up) in the room.  It'll stay tucked in a corner of my bedroom.  The mat is still on the dining room table...with a table cloth over it!

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  1. Well done. I'm sure you'll be inspired in your new cretive space.


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