Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sandbox Pants Going to School

I don't know about anyone else, but when I am almost done with a sewing project I have a tendency to abandon it.  That was the case with these pants.  All that was left to be done was hemming the pants and sewing buttons on the back.  Nothing time consuming.  My excuse...I didn't want to change the white thread that was already in the sewing machine!  I did finish up 2 other projects that needed the white thread...hemming the popover top and completing the puppet show shorts.

Completed Sandbox Pants
In truth, these are 99% completed.  They still need buttons on the back pockets but I didn't have 2 matches that were the right size and not girly. 

P's wearing them to school today so they must meet his approval.   My only concern is that he double knotted the tie last night and couldn't untie it himself because he'd pulled the tie too tight.  I made sure before he left this morning that he hadn't double knotted it.  Could you imagine if he'd had to use the bathroom and couldn't loosen the pants?  Disaster! 


  1. Great pants!!! I sure hope he doesn't forget about the knot!!!!

  2. Sometime I get lazy with changing the thread and so I can finish quickly, I use the wrong colour. Sometime it works. Sometimes I really regret the bad decision. Love these pants!!!


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