Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On a Roll

It's been a while since I was able to spend a Tuesday mostly sewing.  Between getting ready for our vacation and appointments once we came home, my usual sewing day has been limited.  Not yesterday! 
The shorts are from Gymboree.  I picked them up at a consignment sale back in March knowing that I could always make some shirts to coordinate.  I know in that picture it looks like the yellow of the shirt is brighter than the shorts, but it's not.  I swear!lol  That particular shirt is from Ottobre Design 03/08 #29.  I opted to use FOE (fold over elastic) for the neckline and sleeves.  Every time I use FOE, the first part I sew (in this case the neckline) I have a little difficulty.  Kind of like with the bias binding.  It takes a few mistakes before I remember how to apply it.  I used the flower template from the girls' Easter dresses for the applique and straight stitched around the edges.

#10 OD 03/10
These are super simple to do.  In the magazine, they are more of a capri length.  I made a size 98 and I'm thinking these will hit right above the knee.  I held them up to the Gymboree shorts above and they were about an inch longer.  I'm planning on making another yellow top with an aqua flower applique on it to match these.


  1. I'm glad you got a day to sew. You made such lovely, useful things. I'm sure they will get loads of wear.

  2. Very cute. I love those two patterns.


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