Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

I've finally made it back into the sewing room and have been working on this top.   I only have the sleeves and hem binding left to do and it'll be done. 

What is it about owning a home??  There is always something that needs to be done.  We've started making an attempt to mark off items on our mile long to-do list.  We've lived here 8 years now and at times there feels like there's 8 years worth of work to be done.  Some of it is little stuff, patching holes/popped nails in the drywall, touch up painting, fixing a leaky faucet.  Then there are the big ones...repairing termite damage in the garage, regrouting the shower (today's project), replacing doors, etc..  It's all been pushed aside due to lack of time but this year I've vowed that we will work on the list and hopefully, accomplish some of the tasks.   Something has to give and I'm afraid for a little while it'll be my sewing.  So, if you're looking for me... I'll be in the garage stripping furniture, out in the garden planting veggies, scraping old caulk, painting the hall way...somewhere around the house but not in the sewing room.:)


  1. The orange binding looks great.
    Good luck with the projects around the house. It is very easy to put off all the little jobs....and some of the big ones too!

  2. Oh, I so know that feeling. Especially when the house is 50 years old. We've lived in our house too for almost 9 years. It is rewarding to get the things done but not so showy on a sewing blog hey? :-)

  3. Yes, owning a home does present a lot of work, but it is yours! The orange binding looks really good!

  4. Oh you chose the orange! That was my choice. Can't want to see the finished product!


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