Monday, May 31, 2010

Mending To-Do List

I'm participating in Mending Week and here's my to-do list:
  • Repair M's stuffed horse purse
  • Shorten elastic in P's shorts
  • Alter K's Easter Dress so that it fits better
  • 2 Barbie dresses need fixing
  • Sew an applique back on to B's shirt
  • Do a creative fix to a velvet jumper that was K's back in the day and has a permanent stain on it
  • Shorten a pair of B's pants into shorts
I also plan to squeeze in some sewing.  This afternoon after returning home from the beach, I traced off a size small O+S ruffled halter and laid the pattern pieces out on an ice cream cone print fabric.  It was going great until I laid the ruffles out...they're cut on the bias so with a directional print it's not going to work.  Oh well...back to the fabric stash to find a fabric that will.

And since I like blog posts with pictures, here's one from today:
P learning to surf


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