Monday, May 10, 2010

Sewing and Stripping

First off the sewing...

Oliver+S Sandbox Pants as shorts

I'd had these cut out before Easter for P but time got away from me and I didn't ever get around to sewing them.  I also had started to have second thoughts on the material.  It's a linen-like material that has some drape to it.  I wasn't sure if for a boy it would have too much drape.  So with not too much enthusiasm, I went ahead and sewed these up.  For future reference, I probably shouldn't be sewing something if I'm not enthusiastic about it.  I made a few mistakes that would have been easy to rip out and fix but I didn't.  I also cheated and didn't do a hem.  I stitched a line about 1cm up and am going to let them fray.  P likes them, warts and all.  They will become his "church shorts" when the weather warms up.

Now the stripping.  You didn't think I meant stripping my clothes off, did you?lol M has been telling everyone that I strip. There's been a few funny looks until I explain. I've started the arduous task of stripping the paint off of some furniture we have that came from the kids' cousins.   Eventually (if I'm ever able to accomplish my goal) the bunk beds will be in P's room and K will get the furniture that's currently his.  This is what I'm starting with...

And here's what kind of progress I've made so far...

There are a bazillion layers of paint on these and nothing has been cutting through it in one application no matter what it might say on the bottle.  I started with Citristrip, moved on to another green paint stripper, and finally gave up and used the stuff with all the bad chemicals in it.  *fingers crossed*  I think I have it down to the primer now and I can use the sander to get that off. 

Ideally, I'd like to get this bed stripped and refinished by next Wednesday which is K's birthday.  I already have a new comforter set for her and my plan is to move the full size bed and matching dresser into her room while she's at school so that she'll come home to her new bedroom.  I have a feeling this weekend will be spent in the garage working hard to meet that goal.
M on the tire swing while I scraped and scraped and scraped in the garage today


  1. The shorts look good, I'm glad P likes them. That's what matters.
    The stripping seems to be going well for you...aren't kids funny! That made me lol!

  2. What a big job! I've done it before too on an old barn window, but that was a long time ago.... Lot's of sweat needed! :-) It will look good when it is finished though.


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