Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Splints and Sewing

I seem to have a theme going on over the last few weeks of "S" activities. K injured her finger on Saturday. I really didn't think anything was wrong with it but she was still complaining that it hurt on Monday and it was a little swollen so I went ahead and took her to see the doctor. Turns out she has a buckle fracture at the base of her pinky. Oops! We had an appointment to see the orthopaedist yesterday and luckily, no cast was required. She'll wear the splint for 10 days and then buddy tape it for 2 weeks after that.

Today, is K's 11th birthday! I finished the hem on the tank top I worked on last week and made a short sleeved T for her to wear under it. For the T-shirt I used #34 "Sorja slim fit t-shirt" from the 01/09 Ottobre Design. I used that pattern back in August of 2009 for K's Fall SWAP. This time around I made it short sleeved and did a rolled hem on the sleeves and hem.  When I made the top last year, I swear it fit perfect in the shoulders but did need a little adjustment as far as the armholes and the top half of the side seams.  Yesterday, when K tried it on for the first time the shoulders were way too wide.  I ended up taking a good inch off both shoulders in order to get a decent fit.  I didn't go back and make any fitting adjustments with the tank top.  If she's going to wear it over a shirt, there's really no need.  If I make it again I will take it in a little at the top of the side seams and make the straps shorter.

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