Tuesday, June 22, 2010

B-Saurus and brief update

One item on my wants is crossed off...current pictures of B.  She was such a ham during the photo shoot and there were a ton of really great pictures to choose from.  She was constantly in motion but the photographer was able to nail several typical B moments.  And those were the pictures I chose.  I could of gone with the pretty poses but that's not my B.  My B has a bold and vibrant personality and a mischievous spirit.  Just like the girl in the pictures above.

We also finished up with school and award assemblies last week.  I'm very proud of my 2 oldest...straight A's for both, P had the most Accelerated Reader points in the entire school, and K took home a Gold physical fitness award.  They both applied themselves this year and it was nice to see that hard work rewarded.

I've given up on stripping/refinishing the furniture.  It was a great idea but we were gifted with the rest of the furniture that went with the bunk beds.  So now there's the bunk beds, a dresser, a desk, and 2 bookcases that all have the funky paint job.  I can't even begin to imagine how much time it would take to strip all of that!  I've decided to paint everything a matte black.

I've been sewing a little here and there.  One of the 2+2 tops is almost done...all it needs is to be hemmed.  The bubble gauze is a bit of a pain to sew with as it stretches some and it's light weight enough that I have to be careful or else the sewing machine eats it.  It's a good thing I've been doing most of my sewing after the kids are in bed or else they might have added some new colorful words to their vocabulary!

eta:  I finished the top!  It's a size 4 and on B the front slit is a little low but it should be perfect on M.  I omitted the back button placket since I plan on the girls wearing their tops while we're on our marathon trip.  I think buttons might get a little uncomfortable on the back if one is stuck in a car seat for hours on end.  M's will be pink with orange accents.



  1. She looks adorable!

    My kids are almost finished too. Tomorrow's the last day and I'm looking forward to it.

    Oh, and I like the top too.

  2. seriously what a ham! she looks so cute. that smile is irresistible. how do you ever say no? xo m.

  3. Great photos and the top is lovely too. Our kids are finished on friday. Well done to your two eldest, hard work certainly does pay off!

  4. So cute!! Both B and her cute new outfit.


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