Monday, June 7, 2010

I finished altering K's dress yesterday. I ended up taking 3 inches off the bodice length and loosening the elastic in the neckline. The fit is so much better. I also added elastic to the bottom edge of a bikini top for K and mended several dress-up dresses. My mending list is mostly done other than the velvet jumper and some Barbie dresses. There's no big hurry to finish those and I'm ready to move on to something new.

I received 2 packages over the weekend. One was an order from The Fabric Fairy of 3 yards of french terry.  The other was from and included 3 different colors of cotton gauze, a star print poplin, and 2 patterns from Oliver + S (Sailboat and 2+2).  I'm planning on making a beach cover up for myself from the gauze.  There's a new free downloadable pattern on's website that I'm going to try.  I also did some in-store fabric shopping.  K needs a dress for her 5th grade graduation in 2 weeks and she picked an Ottobre Design dress pattern.

It's #35 from the 03/09 issue.  I loved the dress when we first received the magazine but K hated it so it was much to my surprise that she chose that particular dress.  I guess her tastes have changed over the last year.  She wants it to be blue so I chose a blue linen from Hancock's.  I won't be sewing this mom will.  She also has an outfit for M in the works that involves smocking.  I can't wait to see the finished clothing!


  1. I have always had mixed feelings about this dress, so I am looking forward to seeing yours. I'm sure it will look lovely in blue linen. I always thought it a bit too short? The one in the magazine anyway. Maybe just me?!
    I'm glad you're at the end of the mending!

  2. i love, love, love that pattern. can't wait to see your version

  3. No mixed feelings here! I love this dress but suspect that the degree of perfection required to do those pleats properly would be beyond me. And like Millie, I'd do it below the knee.

  4. cant wait to see the end result. :) hey, wanted to ask u whats the shipping like from these online shops n the fabrics - are they good? do u normally get the knits or woven?

    ps. where are u located anyway?? :P

  5. Hi Misty, I lost track of you when you changed blogs. Congrats on expecting a new little one!
    I'm in the US and try to order from places that offer free shipping or have flat rate prices. I feel like I can get better deals online vs. whats offered locally here. I don't know what the overseas prices are like or if online stores in Australia offer similar deals.

  6. sorry abt that hun. :P i'm glad u got me back. lol aahhh, no wonder u're using those stores. i thot u were in australia. some places in aus do have free shipping but the prices tends to be a tad bit pricey. have to keep ur eyes peeled for sales n specials. sometimes i wished i lived in the US!! you are SO spoilt for choice! :P


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