Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ice cream on the Swingset

In all honesty, this top was mostly finished last Tuesday.  I brought it home to do the buttonholes and realized that I hadn't used the new to me sewing machine for buttonholes yet.  It took a bit of reading as I didn't think the machine had an automated buttonholer.  I'd about figured it out when my mom stopped by on Friday to check the fit of K's graduation dress.  I mentioned what I was trying to do and she showed me that her old machine did in fact have an automated buttonholer.  So, this afternoon I put in the buttonholes and sewed on 3 buttons. 

M had to be bribed with an Oreo to be my model.:)  The top is from the Oliver + S Swingset Tunic & Skirt pattern.  I made a size 4.  I think the ice cream print is a little too big/busy but M likes it.  As long as your customer (in my case, M) is happy, that's all that matters!


  1. A *little* too big and busy is alright on a kid that age in the summer, right? Actually, I think it looks great! It seems like a very sweet and versitile pattern. It would look great out of something delicate like eyelet.

  2. Very cute! I don't think the ice creams are too busy at all. The peach on the top tones it down.

  3. Great summer outfit! How do you like the Oliver+S patterns? I have a a few I've not yet made.

  4. Ruth, I'm fairly impressed with the O+S patterns. I have 5 of their patterns but haven't sewn all of them yet. I like the classic lines and that the patterns usually come together so that the inside is finished nicely...even without a serger. You should give yours a try!


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